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Time for a European game-changing movement on infertility

  • Citizens

    In the European Union alone 25 million citizens face infertility

  • Worldwide

    Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples worldwide

Infertility is a difficult issue to deal with. The 25 million citizens affected need every bit of support from their friends, families, employers, society and policymakers. Unfortunately, they often face hardship and barriers.

Together we can help make their journey easier.

Dealing with infertility should not mean battling with stigma, or with lack of information. It should not mean a struggle accessing treatment or gathering the funds to make treatment possible. It should not mean fighting for recognition of basic human rights.

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During European Fertility Week 2020,
we call on policymakers to:

  1. Recognise the right to try to have a child as a universal right across the EU
  2. Ensure equal, fair and safe access to fertility treatments
  3. Provide public funding for all lines of fertility treatments
  4. Engage the public sector in providing better information about fertility and infertility
  5. Implement communication campaigns to remove the stigma associated with infertility

About the European Fertility Week

For over 10 years now, Fertility Europe has represented infertility patients - through advocacy to regulators and support for the member associations in more than 20 countries and the millions of patients they represent.

This is the fifth Fertility Week organised by Fertility Europe. In 2018 we launched our five-point Call to Action. During European Fertility Week 2020 (held 2-8 November 2020) we are promoting the Call to Action to policymakers across the European Union and gathering support to create an MEP interest group on fertility.

The time to change is now!
We call for safe, fair and efficient treatment, in line with Evidence Based Medicine, for all who need it.